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  Watershed Management Strategy  

The Watershed Management Strategy is designed to accomplish the goal of maintaining a sustainable river ecosystem for the Butte Creek watershed. With increasing population and diversifying land use in the watershed, coordinated management becomes necessary in order to decrease negative impacts and to increase positive impacts. Economic vitality is necessary to enable the community to address and solve resource problems, and maintaining a healthy natural resource base is necessary for sustaining economic vitality.

Establishment of a goal-oriented management strategy can prevent problems before they occur, and will result in less expensive and more efficient use of community energy and resources. The Watershed Advisory Committee (WAC) was formed to develop a community-based group representing landowners, timber interests, urban representatives, agriculture, recreational groups, irrigation districts, conservation organizations, and local agencies. The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) members represent local, state, and federal resource specialists who were consulted in the development of this strategy.

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