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    Existing Conditions Report

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  Existing Conditions Report  

An Existing Conditions Report, completed in July of 1999, was prepared for the Butte Creek Watershed Conservancy by the Butte Creek Watershed Project at Chico State University, Chico.  The purpose of the Existing Conditions Report was to gather together in one document as much descriptive information as possible about the physical, natural, cultural and economic resources of the Butte Creek watershed.

The information in this report will serve as a baseline for future investigations in the watershed.  As an inventory of what is know about the Butte Creek watershed, this document will also attempt to uncover what is not known about the resources in the watershed (refereed to as "data gaps").  The long-term goal is that this report will provide the reader with an analysis of watershed conditions rather than just lists and maps of what is present.  Therefore, to the extend possible, the authors of each chapter have attempted to evaluate the condition of each resource in order to clarify the present level of understanding of the "health" of the watershed and the specific resources within the watershed.

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